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What is mycBay?

mycBay.com is a venue for contractors, tradesmen and construction related suppliers to place classified ads. General merchandise ads are free. Equipment ads, real estate ads, employment ads and company listings will cost $3.00 per month, per ad, commencing August 15, 2009. All ads are free of charge until then.
My Account

This is a beta version of mycBay. You will be asked to obtain a password for account access. Account access will be required to post classified ads. An account will not be required to view the ads on mycBay.
Post My Classifieds

Only construction related ads will be allowed to post. Construction related means that equipment and products are such that are common to the building industry. Non-conforming ads will be pulled.

Ads are subject to spot checking for compliance with mycBay guidelines and standards. Salacious and/or pornographic materials will be removed.

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You will be directed to a Secure Server.

Terms of Use

mycBay is a classified advertising service for contractors. We are not responsible or liable for any warranties or other claims made by advertisers. It is your responsibility to check the reliability and/or veracity of any and all warranties or claims by advertisers. By using our service you agree to abide by our guidelines. Our guidelines are subject to change. It is your responsibility to check mycBay.com regularily for any updates to our guidelines. By using our site you agree to abide by all local, state and federal laws.
My Privacy

mycBay.com respects your privacy. We do not collect any customer information other than name and shipping instructions, and then, only if an item is purchased directly from mycBay.com. In the event that an item is purchased directly from mycBay.com, all payment data is transmitted to PayPal's secure website. If you provide us with personal information, for any reason, we do not distribute or sell to third parties. If we have collected an email address, we will not use this address for marketing purposes. We will only use an email for confirmation of an existing order and/or an existing order's status.

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